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leenanaqviLeena S. Naqvi – Designer/Stylist

Originally from Pakistan, after receiving a 5-year Bachelors of Architecture degree from
Karachi, Leena graduated with a masters in sustainable architectural design from the Umeå
School of Architecture in 2012. While a Master’s student, she won a sustainable design
competition and had the honour of having her proposed design displayed at the Venice
Architecture Biennale 2012.
She has worked with design and architecture in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Austria and now
Sweden. Having discovered her passion for detail in design, she currently works as an interior
consultant and a stylist for a second hand retail brand reworking and reorganising the store’s
interiors whilst employing bricolage as a concept for practicing responsible, sustainable design
solutions. She also dabbles in retail displays and retail window art installations.
Leena is also a board member of the esteemed Swedish Design agency (Västerbotten
region) which works towards promoting the arts and design in the region.