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Vision of Suitcase Opera

  • We are a small and flexible opera company that create performances with minimal props and means resulting in simple and moving productions.
  • We bring opera to places where there are no such performances, smaller cities and villages and special, even unusual locations.
  • The themes of our productions connect to the world we live in right now. We are interested in using the genre opera in a broader way.
  • We give young professional classical singers, musicians and theater directors/makers especially from or living in Norrland/Västerbotten performance opportunity. It makes us local and international!
  • Our performances are interesting for both opera fans or classical music lovers as for new comers in the genre. A broad audience is welcome!
  • We work together with amateur choruses and singers in our participation projects, creating fun and educational days resulting in a professional performance open to audience. The concept is called ‘scratch projects’.
  • We create projects especially for young professional singers like our Opera Study Weekends, bringing renowned coaches and young singers together.